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Why Safari with Us ?

We will be by your side at every step, from planning the route, to guiding you with which airlines to choose. How to get the visa & vaccination done. What are the latest Covid protocols? How many kilos are allowed on a bush flight?

We will patiently answer all your questions, until you are satisfied.

Africa is a large continent! One visit is never going to be enough, so where should you begin? What type of accommodation will suit you, lodges / camps? Can I get food of my choice? Do I need malaria shots and many such questions will bog you down! Let us help you out. We have most of the answers, and if we don’t have a few, we will know where to get the correct answers from.

Do you know, you will save time & money by letting us curate your safari with you?

We are always connected with the lodges & camps in Africa. We know exactly who has special offers & when. We understand where it is imperative to give the location most importance so that you don’t miss out on any animal action. We have studied the routes well. You let us know your magic figure for your Safari & we will make it work.

Moreover, no matter how much you browse, the internet will never know YOU, but if you Safari with us once, we will remember you and what you stand for forever.

We partner with the caring & the conscientious, hence inadvertently you would support good causes & green causes thus leaving behind the lightest footprint!
Why travel with us? - Africa with Renuka

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Get the best stories & current offers delivered into your inbox!

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